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PARROTHEADS and Trop-Rock Friends, "Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses" is officially here! 
The much anticipated second album in my Trop-Rock series is finally ready for your listening pleasure!  This album promises to take you on an exotic journey to the beach and back again every time you pop it in, so grab your flip flops and let's get ready to do some dancin' in the tropical breeze!

SCUBA Buddies, my fourth Scubaribbean Rock CD "I Just Wanna' Dive" is still making bubbles!
This fourth album in my Scubaribbean Music series is loaded with fast, fun songs that every diver is sure to love! From "Mad Rush to the Rinse Tank" to "Get Wrecked", there's songs about everything divers truly love! You'll also get a FREE bonus track from my upcoming Trop-Rock album, "Tropical Oasis", for a little taste of the island life. This album will be the highlight of any Scuba trip, party or dive boat, so order your own CD or download now in The Store or give it a listen in the Music Room before you buy. As always, the scuba CD's make a great gift for all your dive buddies!

COUNTRY Friends, my Country Music CD "I Want My Horse" is still going strong!
My first country album is still smokin' hot and receiving airplay worldwide!  You can order your copy right now in The Store or give it a listen first in the Music Room.  This CD is jam-packed with pure country songs (18 tracks, 1 hour 17 minutes of music!) ranging from old school country right to the edge of rockabilly. I can promise you that you won't find a better value for your hard earned money than this anywhere and as always, all my music is guaranteed for life!

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Upcoming Shows

Date Event Location
 —  — Pup Morse - The Scuba Cowboy Fraternal Order of Eagles 4240, Sebring, FL Fraternal Order of Eagles 4240, Sebring, FL
 —  — Rocky Trop Duo American Legion Post 136, St. James City, FL American Legion Post 136, St. James City, FL
 —  — Rocky Trop Duo American Legion Post 25, Lake Placid, FL American Legion Post 25, Lake Placid, FL
 —  — Rocky Trop Duo AMVETS Post 21, Sebring, FL AMVETS Post 21, Sebring, FL
 —  — Pup Morse - The Scuba Cowboy Pelican Bend, Naples, FL Pelican Bend, Naples, FL
Rocky Trop Duo White Rabbit Saloon, Port Charlotte, FL White Rabbit Saloon, Port Charlotte, FL
 —  — Rocky Trop Duo Rotonda V , Rotonda West, FL Rotonda V , Rotonda West, FL
 —  — Rocky Trop Duo VFW Post 4300, Sebring, FL VFW Post 4300, Sebring, FL
 —  — Pup Morse - The Scuba Cowboy Peggy's Corral, Palmetto, FL Peggy's Corral, Palmetto, FL
Pup Morse - The Scuba Cowboy PRIVATE PARTY - Colorado PRIVATE PARTY - Colorado

Welcome friends!

Welcome to the home of PupMorse.com and TheScubaCowboy.com.  If you're looking for the very best in Trop-Rock, Country or Scubaribbean music, then you've just found it!

How are you doin' today?  Wonderful, I hope!  I sure appreciate you takin' the time to check out my website right now.  Time is a very precious gift and I'm sincerely honored that you've chosen to share a little bit of yours with me.  There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing my thoughts, feelings and most of all my music with all of you.  I must confess that I often get a little bit long winded, so I apologize in advance for that... but I can promise you that the one thing you will always find here is a warm hug and a friendly smile.  Life is too short not to enjoy every second you can and if there's anything I can do to help you get the party started, don't hesitate to ask.

Well, for goodness sake... where are my manners?  I'm so busy yakkin' that I didn't even introduce myself yet.  I know many of you are already good friends by now, but I hope there's always a few new faces to meet as well.  You know, I always figured that meeting a new person is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life.  I know it scares some folks a bit when they meet a stranger, but if you think about it, everyone in your life was a stranger at one time, right?  I always looked at it like this... the next person I meet could end up being the very best friend I'll ever have in this life... you just never know.  Besides, every friend is a treasure... it's just that sometimes you gotta dig a little bit to find it.  Me... I try to walk right up and meet as many new people as I can all the time.  I figure if we all spread a little sunshine in the world, maybe it'll just keep gettin' brighter and brighter, until we're all smilin'!  What a wonderful world that would be, huh!?!  Anyway, my given name is Michael, but my friends call me "Pup"... yeah, just like puppy... and since I was kind of hopin' we'd be friends as well, I'd just as soon you call me Pup too.  It's kind of a long story, as many of mine are, but yes, the nickname has a lot to do with me walking right up to strangers with my tail waggin' and eager to be friendly... of course it also has a little bit to do with how sometimes my wandering tends to get me in trouble... but I promise, my bark is always a happy one and I never bite... I just want to play.

Right now, I'm still working hard to get this site up and you'll see a lot of changes over the next few weeks, so please bear with me.  Most of my time is spent makin' music and my first goal is to get as much of that music out here for you to hear, so you can let me know what you think.  I'll tell you right off the bat, I'm a HOPEFUL romantic and I write a lot of syrupy love songs... but after all, love is the most powerful thing in the world, right?  I also write songs from traditional old style country music, clear to edge of Alt-Country... and everything in between... even a bit of Rock-n-Roll once in a while.  Most importantly, I write about things that are near and dear to me and you... love, life, family, dreams, values... or just plain fun.  There are so many wonderful things in life to be thankful for, I have a hard time stopping long enough to record songs just because there is so much to write about..  

So for now, I'm going to sign off and keep pushin' to get all of the stuff done that will help me stay in touch with all of you more easily.  For all of you who have been listening to me sing and encouraged me along the way, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you."  My circle of family and friends grows bigger each day and every one of you is a very special part of my life... you make me who I am and I love you all.  

All dah' best!

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First off, I prefer the term Frenz (aka: Friends) instead of Fans... it's just the way my mind works.  So, if I talk about my Frenz Club or joining my Frenz List, you'll know what I mean..  If you want to share your e-mail address with me, I will keep you up to date on any new developments in my music, career, upcoming shows, merchandise, etc. without bogging you down with tons of e-mails.  You'll also get access to free music downloads occasionally and special pages on my site.  You can join the Frenz List below by simply adding your name to my mailing list or if you prefer to help spread my music a little faster and farther around the world, join my E-Team farther down the page and you'll get even more freebies!

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