Wet Dreams (Scuba CD #2)
  • Wet Dreams (Scuba CD #2)

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CDS02 - Disc two in the Scuba Music series

Wet Dreams is my second Scuba themed album and it's loaded with fast, fun, upbeat tunes that all sing the praises of our favorite sport... SCUBA!  This one has a real party, trop-rock feel to it with one serious ballad about preserving our precious oceans and mother Earth, so it's sure to be a favorite of everybody!

Did I also mention that I wrote the new theme song for my buddy Greg the Divemaster over at ScubaRadio.com to use on air during his show, so I included that tune as a bonus track as well.

Be sure to include notes on the order or send an e-mail to Orders@PupMorse.com to let me know how you would like it personalized, if you choose that option.

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