Just A Scuba Cowboy (Scuba CD #1)
  • Just A Scuba Cowboy (Scuba CD #1)

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CDS01 - Disc one in the Scuba Music series

This is my first release of Scuba / Island music or what I like to call my Scubaribbean tunes! It's a great collection of fun tunes that are all about everything from gettin' seasick to fallin' in love on a beautiful tropical island, but most of all it's about Scuba diving!  This is dedicated to all my dive buddies and the many wonderful people we meet along the way. Let's make some bubbles baby!

This is a full length CD (49:53 mins) packaged in an eco-friendly six panel wallet constructed of recycled cardboard.  The wallet is printed in full color with a glossy finish and the disc is printed in 3-color as well.  The song list is printed on both the wallet and the disc for your easy reference. 

Be sure to include notes on the order or send an e-mail to Orders@PupMorse.com to let me know how you would like it personalized, if you choose that option.

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